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About Us

Prescription Coffee Lab is a coffee roaster in southeastern Virginia dedicated to producing the best coffee possible for local and regional cafes as well as people all over America and beyond. Our goal is to provide freshest, highest quality specialty coffee  as well as contribute to the growth of the specialty coffee culture on the East Coast. 

Our mission is simple. Deliver high quality coffee on a made to order basis that is consistently roasted every time. 

With over 8 years of experience in the coffee industry, roasting coffee isn't the only part of the industry that we know and love. Our background is on the front lines. Brewing up a great cup is our passion and we know it starts with perfectly roasted fresh coffee, but we know that is only part of the equation. That is why we got into roasting. Not only to provide fresh, dynamic coffee, but to help those serving and drinking the coffee to achieve the most out of every cup. With that in mind we love to work with our clients on taking Prescription coffee from a whole bean to the cup. Whether that is a filter brew by the cup, espresso, or even a quick cup batch brew, the difference is in the details. We pay attention to the most minuet details when we are roasting so that you can do the same when you are preparing and drinking our coffee. Hit us up anytime, we love to talk coffee and know why you do too.