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White Label Special Release Ethiopia Wush Wush Village

White Label Special Release Ethiopia Wush Wush Village

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Wush Wush is a town located in the Keffa region in southern Ethiopia. The coffee grown here is often regarded as some of the best in the entire country, and because of the small area of the town, so of the most scarce. 

This particular lot is naturally processed which really allows the fruited aspects of the coffee to shine. Though very fruit forward, there is a complexity that is not present on a lot of naturals. This makes us think of a really nice Zinfandel wine. On the other hand there is an intense sweetness that is present almost all of the way through the cooling progression of the cup. This aspect gives a candy like sense that compliments the fruit flavor very well. Finally, there is a lingering cocoa flavor that leans in the direction of a high percentage dark chocolate that really brings balance to the cup. 

This offering is limited to 50 bags total and will be sold online as well as at our retail partners so grab a bag quickly, before this harvests version of the delicious coffee is all gone!