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White Label Colombia Fince La Suiza Wush Wush Washed

White Label Colombia Fince La Suiza Wush Wush Washed

Prescription Coffee Lab

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This coffee is one of the most decadent we have run into. It's soft and creamy mouthfeel give off an incredible buttery note that compliments the nuttiness extremely well.  The sweetness of the coffee is a lot like a ripe black cherry and there is just a hint of a jasmine like floral character at the end of the cup. This White Label offering is something truly unique and will give you an experience you won't forget. 

This coffee comes from the Caldas Department of Colombia. The Caldas Department is located in the center of Colombia, in the Andean region. It is characterized by having a mountainous topography and by the production of coffee that has been the engine of development and its results in techniques and productivity of its crops are highlighted, reaching better living conditions for coffee growers.

Finca La Suiza is owned by Mr. Carlos Arturo Adolphs Garcia, is located in the borough of Alto La Paz in the municipality of Chinchina. in Caldas Department.