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Techno Super Premium Blend

Techno Super Premium Blend

Prescription Coffee Lab

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This is a coffee we have been working on for a long time. Our idea stemmed from the blending of high quality coffees when we got down to the bottom of some bags. This sometimes works and sometimes does not. It got us thinking, why are blends treated as lesser thans to single origins. We thought we could find two coffees that could stand alone as single origin offerings, blend them and get something outstanding. 

The task proved more of a challenge that we expected. Often times the conventional thinking of single origin coffees tasting best when they stand alone seemed to be true, but we kept trying. Finally we found two coffees that tasted good on there own, but when brought together made something special. 

Volume 1 of Techno is jammy and juicy all at the same time. It even has a touch of soft florals that can pop out depending on how you brew it. 

The two coffees in Techno volume 1 are Ethiopia Organic Dry Process Kebele Birbissa & Kenya Nyeri Kiruga AB.