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Tanzania Igamba AA Washed

Tanzania Igamba AA Washed

Prescription Coffee Lab

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It's not all that often that we expect to encounter an exceptional coffee from a region that we are not very familiar with. This offering from Tanzania however is one of those coffees. Tanzania boarders some of the best coffee producing countries in west Africa, so it shouldn't come as that much of a surprise, though. This cup is full of complexity and subtly. Drinking it feels almost like a journey that takes sudden and unexpected turns, but in the best way. This coffee rewards that patient sipper that is willing to let the coffee get into the optimal temperature zone and then coast down all the way to room temperature for the last sip. 

The first flavors we detected were that of strong tropical fruit like a papaya. Next, a sweet acidity starts to develop that brought to mind a beautiful mandarin orange flavor. Then a floral sweetness began to bloom that was like the taste of fresh honeysuckle. Each sip of this coffee brought on a new flavor experience, making it one of the most fun cups we have had so far this year.