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Kenya Gatugi AA

Kenya Gatugi AA

Prescription Coffee Lab

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The Kenyan crop this year continues to impress with this current offering. Gatugi AA is complex to say the least. The plethora of fruit flavors in the cup ring from start to finish, but take some surprising turns. There is everything from crisp stone fruits like nectarine, apricot and plum, bright citrus notes of orange and tangerine, and even some undertones of berry flavors that sneak out as the cup cools. This coffee is complex enough for the enthusiast, but still maintains enough sweetness and approachability to be enjoyed by all. 

Gatugi Factory sits at just under 1900 meters above sea level, right along the Ichamama River, which is fed from the Karima forest above. This is the AA outturn, which just means it's the largest bean separation from a particular coffee process batch.