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Honduras Fredy Sabillon Washed Parainema Micro Lot

Honduras Fredy Sabillon Washed Parainema Micro Lot

Prescription Coffee Lab

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Honduras is one of our favorite origins of specialty coffee. As the leading exporter of coffee in Central American, Honduras is not only producing a lot of coffee, but some really amazing offerings at that. This year we are pleased to have a new varietal of coffee that was developed in Honduras to help combat coffee tree disease. This varietal known as Parainema is a hybrid varietal and is producing some sustainable and really great tasting lots. 

This particular coffee is especially sweet with a strong presence of apple and an marked kiwi like acidity. There is also a very pleasing walnut note to the coffee that really helps round out the cup. We love this one as a drip, but it is also one of the most exciting shots of espresso we have pulled in a while!

Fredy Sabillon began producing coffee in 2006 when he and his brother purchased a small farm. After years of hard work, the Sabillon brothers planted their first lots of specialty coffee with the advice of their neighbors. They produced their first specialty-grade harvest in 2018. Fredy says that the key part of producing coffee is staying on top of the different management tasks and making sure everything is done on time.