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Ethiopia Uraga Wolichu Wachu

Ethiopia Uraga Wolichu Wachu

Prescription Coffee Lab

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This coffee is complex to say the least. It has intense floral character, but also has a sweet citrus presence that makes the cup a joy from start to finish. 


The Wolichu Wachu station is a coffee processing site in Uraga, Guji Zone of Ethiopia. The wet mill was built just over a year ago and serves nearly 5000 small farmers in this high altitude area, where coffee is grown up to 2300 meters above sea level.  This lot is a fully washed coffee, with the cherry being depulped and fermented for 2-3 days, then soaked for an additional 8+ hours in clean water before washing away the remaining fruit, and then drying on raised African drying beds. The coffee is hand sorted all along the way from whole cherry, to wet parchment on the drying beds, to the final dried seeds, which leads to extreme cup cleanliness and uniformity.