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Ethiopia Organic Sidama Keramo

Ethiopia Organic Sidama Keramo

Prescription Coffee Lab

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Our newest offering from Ethiopia is vibrant and so flavorful. The Sidama region is known for producing clean, floral coffees that are rich in fruit and this one is no different. The nectarine flavor is present from the very beginning and soon gives way to a more floral tea like experience. If a peach tea and coffee collided in the most beautiful way, this would be the result. 

Keramo coffee is from a privately owned processing site near Keramo Village, tucked away in the Bombe mountains of Ethiopia's Sidama growing region. Along with coffee from their own farm called "Daye Bensa", they are buying and processing coffee from local farmers from three different growing areas nearby - Shantawene, Bombe and Keramo villages. 

It's certified organic, which means that they go to great lengths to register every small farmer who they buy from and certify that organic agricultural practices are being employed at the farm level. The farm and outgrowers are growing Ethiopian heirlooms and altitude ranges from just under 2000 meters to 2100 meters above sea level.