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Ethiopia Organic Bookkisa

Ethiopia Organic Bookkisa

Prescription Coffee Lab

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This is the natural that we have been waiting for all year. It is a beautiful fruit forward cup that is rich and yet clean. The thing that pushes it over the top for us is the complexity that is present. The flavor notes are just the beginning of what you will find in this delicious cup. Try it on as many brewing methods as you can to unlock all of it's potential! 

This lot is named after the small village of Bookkisa where this family-owned coffee processing site is located. This is one of a handful of coffee collection sites run by this particular family, who also have their own coffee estate, Guji Highland Farm. The whole coffee cherry is laid to dry on raised African drying beds for upwards of 3 weeks. During that time, the coffee is turned repeatedly throughout each day, and picked over by hand for under and over ripe cherry. This coffee underwent meticulous sorting to acheive Grade 1 standards.