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Ethiopia Naga Singage Natural

Ethiopia Naga Singage Natural

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This coffee from Eithopia Naga Singage is an incredibly juicy, syrupy coffee from the world-renowned Yirgacheffe growing region. This is a very clean natural, with a plenty of fruit-juice flavor and a hint of florals. It is a delightfully crisp take on an overall familiar profile of a naturally process coffee from the Yirgacheffe region. 

Naga Singage is the name of a famous mountain peak that looms over the Aricha washing station in Yirgacheffe, where this coffee is processed. The recently revived washing station collects coffee cherries from Yirgacheffe’s most thriving coffee forests. It's estimated that one thousand smallholder farmers from different communities come to Aricha to sell their cherries. During collection, Faysel Yonis, manager of Aricha, marks the lots separated by community to ensure traceability and fair payment. Faysel also plans to make Aricha a hub for quality Yiracheffe coffee, but his vision continues beyond coffee and business. Because besides reviving the washing station, Faysel has started to work with the community to build an electricity network, bringing in power lines for surrounding villages. Testi Coffee, their local exporter, is also coordinating the construction of a school, and plans to give families access to clean water.