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Colombia Nariño La Estrella Washed

Colombia Nariño La Estrella Washed

Prescription Coffee Lab

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"Las Estrellas", is a name used for a regional blend of high scoring coffees from Inzá, Cauca in Colombia. Often times these regional blends allow farmers with high scoring, but low volume lots to still receive higher prices for their coffees by combining them with others around them. This process can produce some really wonderful coffee that still has the traits of the terroir, but have complimentary flavors of each unique farm to make a sum that is better than the parts alone.

This offering is no exception. This coffee is one of the sweetest cups we have had in a while. The overwhelming note is honey. Not the clover honey that usually comes in the little bear containers, but a wildflower honey that is sweet and floral creating a unique complexity that leaves you coming back for more. As the cup cools, a touch of citrus presents itself in what reminds us of mandarin orange. The acidity is the cup is however a little more malic than citrus giving the perception of apple at the end as well.